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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gunda <-->Vijay Mallya

Don't get startled by the title!!(Some may not be)
Its just that I noticed a strong connection between Gunda-THE MOVIE and Vijay Mallya of Kingfisher and Royal Challengers fame.

My childhood dream of watching the complete Gunda-THE MOVIE materialised yesterday when I was finaly able to download the entire movie, after various futile attempts in searching for the CD/DVD in Landmark and other retail stores.

As the climax approaches(the movie climax to be clear),when the villain tries to flee from the fury of THE GOD(aka Mithunda), a chopper lands. And lo,behold!!the chopper belongs to "Deccan Aviation"(now partly owned by VM)

Do you think VM made a "strategic" decision to invest in Deccan after seeing the cult status Gunda enjoyed among the masses and the classes..or is it now just a coincidence??

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Honeymoon in Maldives..Paradise Island

Monday, December 10, 2007

Baraat Pics

Thank you All

Shalini and I would like to thank you all for being a part of the joyous occassion of our wedding.We were so happy that you were able to time out from their busy schedules to grace us with your presence.

Thank you all for the generous gifts.

Love and Regards,
Rahul and Shalini

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Shalini's Personal Wedding Invitation Card

Saturday, November 03, 2007

My Wedding Invite

Dear Friends,

I am getting married to Shalini on 24th Nov, 2007 in Bangalore.
Please find the wedding invite in this blog.
Please grace us on the occasion with your esteemed presence.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Trying to keep this active

Haven't been able to shit here..Just doing so to keep this blog active!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dada Not Out

Seems nice to be back in cricketing action after a disastrous World Cup 2007 for India.And just to shatter any misconceptions that this post will be in praise of Dada, I'd just like to refer to some of the sports headlines that have grabbed lots of eyeballs..Balls,those small,round ones (Any Resemblance to any person/object living,dead or undead is purely conspired)and cricket are inseparable.

It has been reported( and subsequently followed by denials) that the one and only Dada had a contractual agreement with one(or some) of his sponsors that contained a clause that linked his "payments" to the time he spent on the green pitch!!This would have worked wonders in the era of Sunil Gavaskar when he lasted the full course of 60 overs at the crease for some 30 odd runs..

But in these days of wham-bam 20-20 cricket,only Dada could have pulled this off!!Why was only Dada chosen for such a contract??Because not long ago,Maggi Noodles had a great promotion courtesy Dada when chain-mails/SMSes communicated through unsuspecting inboxes about dada returning to the pavilion before even a Maggi has been cooked properly.

Now lets look through dada's scoring rates in the uneventful WC tourney.I believe he scored 89 off 114 vs mighty Bermuda(SR 78.07),7 off 23 against Sri Lankan Lions(SR 30.43) and 66 of 129(SR 51.16) against his Bongfellow-brethren--one of the lowest amongst all batsmen of any worth.
People may argue that he needed to stabilise the innings in a couple of matches..But now, you have the real reason behind his stupendous stay,holding his sword-bat demolishing the opponents and teammates to desperation with his stupendous strike rate..I believe Dada loves facing balls directed towards him,some short-pitched,some aimed at his chest and some to be driven through fine leg.

After the match,this is "supposedly" the conversation that happened between Dada(D) and his sponsors(Spon):
D:You must have watched my elongated stay against those fearful Ireland bowlers today.I took two extra minutes to adjust my thigh and chest guards.
Spon:That was fabulous.You must always strive to fulfill all your contractual obligations,Mr G.
D:Ya,I remember that.I should have taken a longer drinks break,or better still,called for replacement of bats,pads,gloves,shoes a couple times more.Not to mention,I stopped the bowlers thrice on their "run-way".
Spon:Great going..You can also request for the side-screen to be moved atleast ten times during your guard at the wicket.
D:Thanx..Next time,I'll also remember to bow to applaud the crowd appreciation,the cheers from my die-hard supporters and my teammates after every 5 precious runs a littlelonger so that they get to savour my immense contribution to the game.

Thanks Dada for your immense contribution.Now, its time to take THE final bow.

NOTE: Please don't spam any hate mails to me.It really adds to all the s*&^ thats already pourng out.